Technology Development

Technology has always been a differentiator of the services and solutions that AlphaTRAC has provided?technology focused on our goal of revolutionizing crisis decision-making. It’s a differentiator that has been harnessed on behalf of the clients we serve and one we hope may also be the basis for partnerships with firms who share our vision.

AlphaTRAC believes that its products and services should directly meet the needs of its clients. To help facilitate a joint development effort with its customers, AlphaTRAC employs an agile development process for its software solutions. In the agile development process, “user stories” establish the needs and requirements of product users and ultimately drive product development and modification. The end result is a technology that meets the need, not just the contract requirements.

Artificial Intelligence

Our expertise includes applications that employ artificial intelligence in the form of pattern recognition engines to manage and analyze the knowledge base of decision experiences. By comparing patterns in information known about an event or scenario to experiences stored in the knowledge base, pattern recognition engines identify and present the events that are the most similar to those in the scenario. A weighted attribute constellation search algorithm is applied to a simple match score calculation for each event in the knowledge base against the current known information.

Web Applications

Many of AlphaTRAC’s solutions are web applications designed to meet the crisis decision training needs of federal, state, and local agencies. These web applications, initially developed under the auspices of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), address a broad range of military and civilian needs and incorporate platform capabilities that address security, mapping, access, and user management.

Software Engineering

The seeming simplicity of AlphaTRAC’s web applications belies the underlying complexity of the software that supports them. AlphaTRAC software engineers bring core competencies in systems architecture, web services, and HTML5 user interface development to bear in creating powerful, scalable, and maintainable systems.

With decades of experience in .NET technologies and SQL, AlphaTRAC builds server applications to handle data manipulation, modeling, artificial intelligence (AI) analysis, and data storage. Making those services available to user friendly systems, AlphaTRAC rides the wave of stable, scalable web service technologies like WCF RESTful services.

Because the best architecture and performance can be rendered unusable by a poor or uninsightful AI, the AlphaTRAC software team employs talented designers, HCI analysis and techniques, and the latest HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript technologies to coax desktop-worthy user experiences out of a web browser. Technologies like jQuery UI and Knockout allow us to deliver beautiful and functional user interfaces and still respond quickly to the constant client feedback provided by our Scrum process.

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