AlphaACT® HAZMAT is a web-based crisis decision training solution designed to help emergency responders build their skills in decision-making for hazardous chemical emergencies

The system uses the observable characteristics of a release to identify similar events from a knowledge base and then uses that information to help you develop a course of action, including protective actions.

Based on the recognition-primed decision model, AlphaACT HAZMAT helps users learn how to operate under conditions of time pressure and uncertainty, using the decision-making method favored by experienced first responders. The system teaches users how to recognize and apply past experiences to find a solution for the problem at hand, even when event information is sketchy or incomplete.

At the heart of AlphaACT HAZMAT is an extensive knowledge base of event scenarios. A graphical user interface, employing a pattern recognition algorithm, quickly identifies potential matching experiences based upon the cues and characteristics of the event as identified by the responder. AlphaACT HAZMAT allows users to adapt past experiences to better reflect current event conditions, helping them refine their decisions.

Responders can select scenarios involving different types of events (for example, spills, fires, and explosions) under varying meteorological conditions and assess the impact of a wide variety of hazardous substances.

Current Version of AlphaACT HAZMAT:

  • AlphaACT HAZMAT Rail Disasters