Adaptable to a range of discipline-specific products, the AlphaACT platform is a set of features and functionality that provides an effective basis for our family of crisis decision training applications. Based on the decision-making approach most often used by experienced crisis managers, AlphaACT applications employ pattern recognition engines, graphical user interfaces, and a database of scenarios to teach users how to recognize and apply past experiences (their own and those of others) to rapidly changing crisis conditions.

The AlphaACT family of training applications:

  • Lets you train when and where you want via the Internet
  • Leverages simulation technologies to enhance realism during online scenario training
  • Goes beyond repetition training by teaching the decision-making process
  • Includes a database of response scenarios to jumpstart the decision process
  • Uses artificial intelligence that reflects the cognitive approach of experienced decision makers
  • Tracks individual user training metrics
  • Provides access to discipline-specific communities for the exchange of ideas

  • AlphaACT Fire

    JUST LAUNCHED: AlphaACT® FIRE is a web-based training solution that helps fireground incident commanders build their skills in decision-making in the high stress, chaotic environment of a fire response.


    AlphaACT® HAZMAT is a web-based, crisis decision training solution designed to help emergency responders build their skills in decision-making for hazardous chemical emergencies.

    AlphaACT USMC

    Currently under development, AlphaACT® USMC is a web-based training solution designed to help U.S. Marine Corps small unit leaders build their skills in decision-making for asymmetric warfare.

    Future Applications

    Extending and automating a process developed for incident commanders, the technology underlying AlphaACT applications can help users learn to rapidly reach decision in many different high-stress, multiple-distraction environments.