Currently under development, AlphaACT® USMC is a web-based training solution designed to help U.S. Corps small unit leaders build their skills in decision-making for asymmetric warfare.

Based on the recognition-primed decision model as implemented in the military process of Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act (OODA), AlphaACT USMC will help warfighters learn how to operate under conditions of time pressure and uncertainty, using the decision-making method most commonly used on the battlefield. The system will teach users how to recognize and apply past experiences related to combat patrols to find a solution for the problem at hand.

At the heart of AlphaACT USMC will be an extensive knowledge base of experiences. A graphical user interface, employing a pattern recognition algorithm, will quickly identify potential matching experiences based upon the cues and characteristics of the scenario identified by the warfighter. AlphaACT USMC will allow users to adapt past experiences to current engagement conditions to help further refine their decisions.

In its first planned prototype, AlphaACT USMC will help users learn how to detect, recognize, and avoid complex attacks including improvised explosive devices, snipers, and rocket-propelled grenades.

AlphaACT USMC will:

  • Integrate the decision processes, support tools, and knowledge bases needed to make urgent decisions in asymmetric combat
  • Help users reach combat decisions using limited and sometimes incorrect information
  • Help users stay current with changing enemy tactics, techniques, and procedures
  • Help users share their knowledge with other warfighters
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