Currently under development, XCapture HAZMAT is a web-based authoring tool that helps HAZMAT responders quickly and easily gather event information for a broad range of hazardous material events, conduct AARs, prepare event reports, and share knowledge with other responders. HAZMAT responders will use the tool’s guided interview to quickly develop post-incident reports for formal and informal experience sharing. The reports will be made available to the response community via a forum which will let users locate incidents of interest. Shared experiences will also be used in AlphaACT HAZMAT, as part of the experience database used in crisis decision training.

With the initial release of XCapture HAZMAT, you will be able to:

  • Create, edit, and review a variety of standard mission reports, including AAR reports and event summaries
  • Share your reports with others in the response community
  • Search and view the reports shared by others

Using a structured interview, the system will help you document:

  • Background information about the event and the resources available to deal with it
  • Information about the event and the event scene
  • A post-incident review, including lessons learned

Future features will let you:

  • Gather field information, including notes, audio, photographs, video and maps using convenient apps on your mobile devices
  • Facilitate a team AAR process
  • Easily export formatted incident information to lessons learned and other external databases

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