AlphaACT® FIRE is a web-based training solution that helps fireground incident commanders improve their decision-making skills in the high stress, chaotic environment of a fire response.

Based on the recognition-primed decision model, AlphaACT FIRE helps firefighters learn how to operate under conditions of time pressure and uncertainty, using the decision-making method favored by experienced fireground commanders. The system teaches users how to recognize and apply past experiences to find a solution for the problem at hand.

At the heart of AlphaACT FIRE is an extensive knowledge base of firefighter experiences primarily acquired through the IAFC Near Miss program and its experience-gathering system, now powered by AlphaTRAC’s XCapture™ technology.

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AlphaACT FIRE employs a pattern recognition engine to quickly identify potential matching experiences based upon event cues and characteristics noticed by the firefighter. The system allows users to adapt past experiences to better reflect current event conditions in order to help them develop appropriate courses of action. Firefighters will be able to select training scenarios involving different events (for example, structural collapse and flashover) and grapple with varying levels of response resources.

  • Includes scenarios developed using CommandSim, a leading training simulation system
  • Offers training scenarios based on actual firefighter experiences
  • Integrates with the IAFC Near Miss system to build an experience knowledge base
  • Provides access to community discussion forums
  • Tracks individual user data, including scenarios played, results, and analytics

Although the system will initially address only residential structure fires and life rescue situations, AlphaACT FIRE will evolve over time to include different types of fires (such as vehicle fires, wildland fires, and arson) and fire decisions (such as extinguishment, containment, and methods of entry and egress).