Future Applications

Extending and automating a process developed for incident commanders, the technology underlying AlphaACT applications can help users learn to rapidly reach decision in many different high-stress, multiple-distraction environments. 

Here are several planned applications:

Law Enforcement

Potential areas of focus for the law enforcement community include patrol and SWAT applications addressing active shooter incidents, hostage incidents, terrorist events, domestic violence, and traffic stops. Non-patrol applications such as prison incidents are also in the plan.


Potential areas of focus for the medical community include applications addressing battlefield medical response, medical first response, emergency room medicine, and first aid. Applications are also planned for patient-centered treatment decisions.

Emergency Management

Potential areas of focus for the emergency management community include applications addressing mass casualty incidents, natural disaster response, and resource management.

Military Services

Building on our application for the USMC, potential areas of focus for the military include combat decision-making for land, sea, undersea and air warfare; IED detection and defeat; emergency and disaster response for military facilities; and post-disaster/post-conflict recovery operations.

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