XCapture ADT

XCapture ADT is a web-based authoring tool that helps National Guard Agribusiness Development Teams quickly and easily gather mission information, conduct After Action Reviews (AARs), prepare mission reports, and share knowledge with other teams in-theater and at home.

With XCapture ADT, you can:

  • Create, edit, and review a variety of standard mission reports, including AAR reports, mission summaries, and StoryBoards
  • Share your AARs with others in the XCapture ADT community
  • View the AARs shared by others

Using a guided interview, the system helps you document:

  • Pre-mission information, including the mission purpose and schedule; assumptions about the weather, terrain, and driving conditions; planned tasks; civil considerations; and an assessment of risk
  • Mission information, including the tasks that were actually attempted or completed and a review of the mission as a whole
  • Lessons learned, including a review of the actual risk and suggestions for things to sustain and improve

In XCapture ADT, information is structured and stored in a database. The system has an easy-to-use search function you can use to locate AARs of interest.

Future features will let you:

  • Gather field information, including notes, audio, photographs, video and maps using convenient apps on mobile devices
  • Facilitate a team AAR process
  • Easily export formatted mission information to lessons learned and other external databases
  • Develop a list of contacts you encounter on missions

Currently, XCapture ADT is deployed as a pilot program with provincial reconstruction teams in Afghanistan.

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