Environmental Assessments

AlphaTRAC can conduct environmental assessments in conformance with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements; assess the environmental impact of major projects done at the federal and state levels; and prepare environmental impact statements.

Air Quality Permitting

AlphaTRAC provides air permit modeling and review services. As nationally recognized experts in atmospheric dispersion modeling and consequence analysis, our expertise includes and expands on modeling for regulatory compliance and permitting. We operate at the leading edge of modeling technology and have developed and applied advanced modeling techniques to many practical problems.

Environmental Impact Statements

AlphaTRAC can coordinate and conduct the development of environmental impact statements and environmental assessments involving air quality, water quality, hazardous materials, solid and hazardous waste, transportation risk, and human health and safety.

Hazardous Material and Waste Management Planning

AlphaTRAC can develop hazardous material and waste management plans, spill control plans, and regulatory compliance plans. We can also prepare opportunity assessments to identify and recommend pollution prevention initiatives.

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