AlphaTRAC provides consulting services, tools, and training for emergency response organizations.


AlphaTRAC specializes in meteorological monitoring, assessment, and prediction. We can design, implement, and manage monitoring networks as well as gather, quality assure, analyze, and archive meteorological data to meet federal agency and industry standards. Integrating meteorological data from multiple sources with onsite monitoring systems is a specialty.

Consequence Assessment

Consequence assessment is much more than plume maps — it’s about rapidly providing clear and adaptive information to support key emergency decisions that protect people, property and mission. AlphaTRAC can provide a methodology for quickly understanding hazards and their potential impact to make emergency response simpler, faster, and more effective.

Protective Action Planning

AlphaTRAC can apply its expertise to the planning of predetermined and adaptive protective actions related to assembly and accountability; evacuation and sheltering; decontamination; access control; relocation of affected populations; and post-termination activities. We also address protection of response personnel for reentry activities.  

Emergency Public Information

AlphaTRAC can help clients design and implement an emergency public information program that provides timely, candid, and accurate information to workers, the news media, and the public during an emergency. Such programs can address establishing external and media interfaces; establishing an information release process; developing programs for training offsite organizations; and establishing a public education program.  

Subject Matter Support

AlphaTRAC is staffed with experienced emergency planners, hazards assessors, atmospheric scientists, meteorologists, computer and systems engineers, and innovative technology developers that can support clients in planning for and assisting with emergency response organization needs.  

Emergency Facility Management

AlphaTRAC has staff with broad experience in establishing and managing emergency response organizations (EROs).  We understand the complexities of recruiting and developing an ERO staff and setting up a comprehensive program.  The AlphaTRAC team is well versed in all aspects of setting up an efficient operation to include management systems; operational procedures; plans and guides; and drill and exercise programs to ensure a sustainable ERO.  

Facilities and Equipment Planning

AlphaTRAC has in-depth experience in the planning, design, and integration of facilities and equipment. This includes the design and relocation of Emergency Operations Centers and the specification and acquisition of equipment used in emergency planning and emergency response organization operations.  

Decision Support

AlphaTRAC is a pioneer in the structured application of cognitive decision processes to emergency management. Working with DOE Headquarters and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, we developed the AlphaACT system, a platform for web-based training solutions focused on crisis decision-making for emergency responders across a variety of disciplines. We also teach emergency decision-making as part of our training curriculum.  

Emergency Termination and Recovery

AlphaTRAC helps clients develop and implement effective emergency termination and recovery programs. Support activities include planning; termination criteria and procedures development; design and implementation of recovery organizations; pre- and post-termination recovery planning; internal and external recovery interfaces; and transition to normal operations.  

After Action Review

After an event, AlphaTRAC can help you conduct an after action review, identify lessons learned, and document the results, so that the experience that comes out of an incident isn’t lost but is folded effectively back into your planning.  

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