Hazards Assessments

One of AlphaTRAC’s strengths is its analytical approach to planning and preparedness. We can develop hazards surveys and assessments to serve as the technical basis on which detailed plans for risk avoidance and emergency response can be built.

Hazards surveys and assessments provide the basis for identifying and qualitatively assessing facility and site-specific hazards and the emergency conditions that may require response. The results provide the information necessary to determine the scope and extent of an emergency management program.


AlphaTRAC is nationally recognized as a leader in helping to plan for and evaluate the consequences associated with chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) hazards.


Natural disasters?such as earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, and floods?can cause environmental, societal, or human consequences beyond the ability of local emergency response capabilities to manage.  AlphaTRAC can provide comprehensive solutions for planning, preparedness, readiness, and decision-making for natural disasters as part of comprehensive emergency management programs.

Security and Vulnerability Assessments

Security and vulnerability analyses assess the susceptibility of operations and hazards (including hazardous materials) to deliberate attack?an important, integrated complement to risk and hazards analysis.

AlphaTRAC’s vulnerability analysis process identifies the operations and hazards that must receive priority attention during emergency planning, as well as the specific event scenarios of greatest concern. This information can then be employed in hazards assessments, consequence analyses, and planning and preparedness activities.

Occupational Safety

Safety in the workplace is crucial to business and operational success.  AlphaTRAC can conduct occupational safety analyses to identify the health and safety hazards in your workplace that may affect your staff and then help you plan hazard mitigation strategies and work process improvements.

Process Analysis

Failures in engineering and manufacturing processes can present hazards to people, property, product, and to the larger mission of a company or organization.  AlphaTRAC can analyze those potential hazards to help minimize physical and business risk and to help avert damage from potentially significant events.

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