Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling

AlphaTRAC develops, maintains, and applies atmospheric models as components of many of its solutions.  From deterministic planning codes to probabilistic risk assessment models and rapid-response real-time capabilities, we deploy and operate the right modeling capability for each application. Our forte is real-time modeling of atmospheric processes in mountainous terrain and other complex atmospheres.

Our meteorologists have a thorough understanding of atmospheric processes and apply that knowledge across our solutions.

AlphaTRAC’s strengths include:

  • The design, deployment, and operation of monitoring sensors and sensor networks
  • Data acquisition and quality management and its application to decision-making
  • Weather prediction
  • The deployment of predictive atmospheric models

Working in partnership with federal and state agencies and private industry, AlphaTRAC also builds, implements, maintains, and operates plume prediction systems tailored for emergency planning, preparedness, and response.

Emergency Assessment

AlphaTRAC’s expertise with assessment and modeling technologies plays a pivotal role in our approach to solutions development and consulting.  We can assess the potential health impacts of hazardous chemicals, biological agents and toxins, radioactive materials, and explosives, and we can develop and evaluate event scenarios for unplanned releases of hazardous materials.

Risk Assessment

Response to an unexpected atmospheric release of hazardous materials requires rapid decision-making and action.  Comprehensive planning is one key to getting ahead of such emergencies.  AlphaTRAC conducts hazards assessments, risk assessments, and vulnerability assessments for a spectrum of industrial operations, accidents and disasters, and terrorist scenarios.

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