Company Profile

AlphaTRAC helps people make crucial decisions that save lives, protect property, and preserve mission in crisis situations.

We work with our clients to provide decision-oriented planning, preparedness, and training solutions for:

  • Emergencies involving chemical, biological,radiological, nuclear and explosive hazards
  • Fireground management
  • Law enforcement
  • Disaster management
  • Terrorist events involving weapons of mass destruction
  • Full spectrum military operations
  • Post-combat/post-disaster stabilization and recovery

AlphaTRAC also provides a broad range of services supporting the management of crisis situations, focusing on:

  • Planning
  • Preparedness
  • Information/knowledge/lessons learned sharingand analysis
  • Response support
  • Crisis and decision-making psychology
  • Multi-media training and education
  • Accident analysis components of safety basisanalysis
  • Environmental assessments
  • Technology development

Keys to our success are over 20 years of experience, a broad range of technical competencies, and the advanced technologies at the core of each service.

AlphaTRAC was established in 1992 by experienced emergency management professionals.  A privately held, high-tech company, AlphaTRAC has grown to serve a national base of clients, including the Department of Energy; the Department of Defense; the Department of Homeland Security; other federal, state, and local governments; and private industry.

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