Emergency Preparedness

AlphaTRAC supports its clients through integrated preparedness in accordance with the National Incident Management System and other relevant regulatory requirements. This support includes assessments and analyses of procedures and protocols.

Drills and Exercises

Effective emergency response depends on quick reactions and a clear understanding of responsibilities.  AlphaTRAC assists emergency responders in preparing for effective action under pressure.  We can design, develop, and implement drills and full-scale exercises that help clients maintain the level of readiness required for effective emergency response.

Facilities and Equipment Training and Readiness

AlphaTRAC can help ensure that the organizations that support emergency planning and response have the resources to do their jobs; that the facilities and equipment are properly maintained; and that responders are trained in their use.

Program Assurance

AlphaTRAC designs, implements, and supports emergency readiness assurance programs. Assessment activities include independent assessments; support for self-assessments; and programmatic evaluations. Program management support includes program design; implementation and management of issue and corrective action management programs; and development of Emergency Readiness Assurance Plans.  

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